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Kayakalp is situated in Palampur, Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Inception of the Institute, with the vision of teaching modern society the right way of living to adopt pro-active life-style, was done in the year of 2005. Since then, Kayakalp has catered the need of learning and adopting to healthier way of living to more than 12,000 health seekers. 

However, we provide all the basic facilities at Kayakalp and try to teach healthier life-style with our self-styled activities and daily routine to bring a change in health-seeker's life, but it would be relevant to quote basic necessary responsibilities and actions required by all those people who visit Kayakalp to find relief from their ailments. 

What Shall You DO?
1. Before planning the healthy holiday, please sit back! Ask yourself the question, why you want to go to Kayakalp? It is indeed very important point. Because, we have experienced here at Kayakalp that many people come to this Institute without any idea, why they are here! 
Kayakalp is a temple of healing, as we envision it, and people coming to this Institute with a preconceived idea considering Kayakalp - a resort, may get disappointed. Because the facility may not cater them to their expected hospitality or categorised star hotel facility. We are constantly working on maintaining a minimum possible routine and in case you thought of having a long sleep in morning hours, may spoil your dream. 

2. It is advised to make a list of complaints on paper, and gather relevant medical information, including past history and tests done, if at all, for ready reference. In case of any further investigations needed, stay prepared as your health guide at Kayakalp may request it at our facility. 

3. You shall make a resolution to yourself to dedicate this precious time focusing entirely on your health needs and let all those subjects stay back home that may distract you at Kayakalp vis-a-vis work, disputes, any other issue. 

4. You shall stick to the words of your Health Guide at Kayakalp and also participate actively in the general schedule drafted for everyone at Kayakalp, for example morning yoga class, power yoga at 11:00 am, meditation session at 5:00 pm and 7:30 pm daily talk. 

5. Kayakalp is serving a stream of drugless therapies like Nature Cure, Yoga, Panchkarma and Physiotherapy under one roof. You shall meet all the Health Guides at Various departments and discuss your problems and seek answers and stick to their advise to maximise your experience at Kayakalp. 

What You Shall DO Not? 
1. You shall refrain going out of the campus for leisure trips during the course of your treatment. Healing is a specific art, and it requires a particular mindset. When you start going out of the healing atmosphere, the journey of healing remains incomplete. It also affect the minimum environment condition within the body to achieve homeostasis and distracts an individual. 

2. You should avoid gossiping about topics that are irrelevant to your health issues like disputes, ranking people around you etc. Your health is the prime issue, and that shall be the topic of discussion all the time while at Kayakalp. Instead, it is advisable to observe silence for maximum time while you are here for healing thyself. 

3. You shall not give in to your old habits while at Kayakalp. Tea, Coffee, Alcohol, Smoking, Zarda, Paan Masaala is prohibited at Kayakalp. You shall not bring them along with you and also do not bring any eatables. Food plays a major role while healing. If you continue to or want to eat things you have been eating all that while, then coming to Kayakalp is no way going to be fruitful for you. Keep all that stuff secured back home and think twice before you start consuming again when you reach back. 

This information could be helpful for you before you plan a visit to Kayakalp. And if you could understand and follow the instructions, it might add up to your experience at Kayakalp. 
For more information, you may contact us at info@kayakalppalampur.in or call us on 01894 - 235666, 235676 (between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm)

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